Gym rubber tiles are a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to create a comfortable and safe workout environment. If you are looking for protection on a budget, these rubber tiles are the ideal solution. These rubber tiles are also a preferable option for those who want coloured gym flooring. These rubber tiles are excellent for protecting your floor and equipment during strength training. It also delivers good shock absorption.
Shock absorption, noise and vibration reduction, and cost-effectiveness are the key characteristics that make our crumb rubber tiles.

Each tile size       : 0.5 meter x 0.5 meter x 10 mm thick

1.64 Feet x 1.64 Feet
20 inches x 20 inches (approx)

Each mat weight: 2.25 Kgs (approx)
Type                     : Interlocking
Color                    : Blue, Grey, Red, Black (Other colours can be made against order)

Ideal for: Commercial Gyms, Home Gyms, Health clubs, Badminton courts, Athletic arenas,​ ​ Industrial work stations, Storages, Garages etc.,

Using gym rubber tiles provides several advantages:

  • Durable & Hygienic multi-purpose gym tiles.
  • Sound-resisting property also makes it suitable for Storage rooms/warehouses etc.,
  • Slip-resistant pattern for grip.
  • Good Impact resistance prevents the floor & equipment from damage.
  • Material: Made from a blend of recycled rubber crumb
  • Solid in nature for good impact resistance.
  • High-density material makes it hard-wearing and tear/shear resistant.

So if you want a product that combines durability, safety, practicality, and style, our rubber gym tiles are the answer!