Our 25 mm Interlocking Eva mats are a great choice for anyone who needs a cushioned, supportive, and versatile surface for activities such as martial arts, calisthenics, kabaddi, and play areas. These mats are impact absorbent with maximum comfort suitable for almost any physical activity. Its cushioning surface safeguards from injuries.

These Eva mats are easy to join and assemble, it comes with an anti-slip surface which is easy to mop or clean with a damp cloth.

Each mat size      : 1 meter x 1 meter x 25 mm thick
Type                      : Interlocking
Colour                  : One side Blue, other side Red.
Surface        : Grip patterned

Ideal for: Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Kungfu, MMA, CrossFit, Kabaddi, Yoga, Indoor play areas, Calisthenics etc.,

Using a 25 mm EVA mat provides several features, including:

1. Shock absorption: Excellent shock absorption helps to reduce the impact on joints and prevent injuries during high-impact activities such as martial arts and kabaddi.

  1. Cushioning: Soft, yet durable material of EVA mats offers fine cushioning, making them a comfortable surface for activities such as calisthenics and play.
  2.  Traction: Non-slip surface provides excellent traction, reducing the risk of slipping and falling during activities.
  3. Interlocking: Multiple mats can be joined together to cover the desired area,
  4. Easy to install and maintain: Easily installed and removed as needed.
    Easy to clean and maintain, as they can be wiped down with a damp cloth or vacuumed.
  5. Versatility: Can be used in a variety of settings, including gyms, martial arts studios, play areas, and even in the home.

Overall, interlocking Eva mats are the perfect choice for anyone looking to promote safety and protection while creating a comfortable environment for martial arts training, Kabaddi matches, Calisthenics exercises or children’s playtime activities!