Looking for a durable and resilient badminton court solution? Look no further than our

IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mat! These offer a wide range of benefits, including superior shock absorption, multi-directional slip resistance, and easy installation. Plus, they’re made from high-quality recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly choice for any facility.

Each mat size      : 3 Feet x 3 Feet x 16 mm Overall height (approx)
Each mat weight : 11.6 Kgs (approx)
Type                      : Interlocking
Color                     : Black

Ideal for: Badminton, Tennis, Table tennis, Volleyball, Handball and other Sports arenas.

IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mats offer numerous benefits that make them an excellent choice for badminton courts. Here are some of the benefits of using IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mat:

  1. Easy to install: IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mats are easy to install and can be assembled quickly without any special tools or adhesives.
  2. Customizable: IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mats can be easily customized to fit any size or shape of the playing area.
  3. Shock absorption: The IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mats provide excellent shock absorption, which helps to reduce the impact on players’ joints and prevents injuries.
  4. Slip resistance: The surface of the IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mats provides excellent traction, which reduces the risk of slips and falls during play.
  5. Durability: IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mats are highly durable and can withstand heavy use and foot traffic, making them an ideal choice for badminton courts.
  6. Noise reduction: IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mats can help to reduce noise levels in the playing area, making for a more pleasant playing experience for both players and spectators.
  7. Low maintenance: IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mats are easy to clean and maintain, and can be easily wiped down or mopped with a mild cleaning solution.
  8. Versatility: IL Puzzle Badminton Court Mats can be used in a variety of settings and can be easily removed and relocated if needed.

So if you want to serve up some serious fun while keeping your players safe and comfortable, IL Puzzle Interlocking Badminton Court Rubber Mats are the way to go!