“Cable Protectors”
Say goodbye to messy cables and hello to a safer, more organized workspace with our easy-to-use cable management system. Introducing the ultimate solution to your cable management woes – our easy-to-use cable management system, “Cable Protector” also known as Cable Manager, Cable Cover, Wire cover, Wire manager.
It is the perfect solution for covering and managing loose wires/cables lying insecurely on the floor. Not only does it protect your cables from damage, but it also provides floor protection and prevents those awkward trip-ups caused by unorganized wire and cables. Made from a blend of natural rubber to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Ideal to use in offices, warehouses, trade shows, events, conference rooms, Industrial work stations, at home or almost any place where there is a tripping hazard from Wires/Cables/Cords.

Overall dimensions of the mat

Each mat Length : 3 Feet (Interlocking type)
Overall breadth   : 6 inches

Channel Cut out dimensions (Where the wires/cables will accommodate)

Channel breadth: 30 mm breadth X 12 mm overall height (approx)
No. of channels  : 2
Each mat Weight: 1.65 Kgs (approx)
Colour                  : Black
Type                     : Interlocking
Material               : Blend of Natural rubber


  • Simple drop over allows easy placement on the floor without unplugging cords or feeding cords through the end which saves time.
  • Protects Wires, Cables and Cords from damage caused by pedestrians.
  • Raised textured outer surface provides Non slip safe walking – traction for shoes.
  • Designed with Connectors at both the ends to join multiple mats together to cover the desired length.
  • Easy to install and can be quickly removed when no longer needed.

Say goodbye to the days of tripping over tangled cables and hello to seamless cable routing with our Rubber floor cable protector – your go-to solution for safe and efficient event planning!  Place your order today.



“Protect cables and prevent tripping hazards with our reliable rubber floor cable protectors. Durable and flexible, they ensure safety and efficient cable management in an indoor environment.”