Electrical insulating mats are specialized mats designed to protect individuals from electrical shocks when working with live electrical equipment or in areas where there is a risk of electric shock. Insulating mats are made from a blend of synthetic polymers, which have high electrical resistance and insulating properties.

Class: C

Thickness: 3 mm thick

Voltage rating: Suitable for up to 33 Kv Ac, Dielectric strength: 65 Kv.

Size:  1 meter x 2 meters and 1 meter x 10 meters

Colour: Electrical Insulating mats are available in three colours: Black, Red, Blue.

Surface finish: Electrical Insulating mats have a non-slip surface to prevent slips and falls.

Standards compliance: Electrical Insulating mats comply with the Govt.of India standard:

IS-15652/2006 to ensure their quality and effectiveness in protecting against electrical shock.

A copy of the Manufacturers test report is provided with each supply. This ensures that customers can trust in the effectiveness of these mats and have peace of mind knowing that they are well-protected from electrical hazards.

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