IL Diamond Groove rubber mats are suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications that require slip-resistant flooring, impact resistance, and durability.

Each mat size      : 4 Feet X 6 Feet X 17 mm Overall height (approx)
Each mat weight : 40 Kgs (approx)
Type                      : Interlocking
Colour                   : Black

Ideal for: Industrial work stations, Storage spaces, Automotive repair shops and garages etc.,

Some of the common applications for these mats include:

  1. Manufacturing plants and factories: These mats are ideal for use in manufacturing plants and factories where machines/equipment are mounted.
  2. The interlocking feature allows for easy installation and removal, while the diamond top surface provides a slip-resistant and durable flooring option.
  3. Warehouses and distribution centres: These mats are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centres to provide a safe and secure flooring surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, weight of equipment/pallets.
  4. Automotive repair shops and garages: The diamond top surface of these mats provides a slip-resistant surface for mechanics and workers who may be walking on wet floors, while the interlocking feature allows for quick and easy installation and removal.

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