Cable Protectors (Wires & Cable guards)

Cable protectors / Guards / Wire managers offer a quick & easy way to Protect: Cables, Cords & Wires.

Made from top grade of Natural rubber, it's patterned design offer Anti-skid surface. An ideal solution for Tripping Hazards.

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Cable Protectors

  • Cable Protectors provide a Fast & Easy Way to Protect Cables,Cords & Wires.
  • An ideal solution for Tripping Hazards.
  • Cable protectors are made from Top grade of Virgin Rubber.
  • Anti-skid surface for maximum traction and Slip resisance.
  • Cable protectors comes with In-built Interlockers to cover long Lengths.

APPLICATION AREAS: Conference rooms, Banquet Halls, Cubical Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Residences, Commercial and Industrial sectors.